Colucci’s was born out of the heart of Italy, in the Campagna region. In a little town in the hills near Benevento, steeped in the history of the culture, the life and the wines, rose a passion for the flavours and beauty produced by this great land.

Colucci's Prosecco Founder and Managing Director

I am Marce Colucci, creator of Colucci's. Our mission is to bring great Italian wine to the world.

With a family history that goes back generations, Colucci’s aims to bring the best of Italian wine to wine lovers everywhere. Our Prosecco has been carefully selected to capture the essence of family traditions and love for the production of great wines. The cantinas that we work with are part of the family fabric, from start to finish. Taking great care in planting and nurturing the vines, to the picking and production process, right through to the bottling and shipping, our Prosecco is cared for just like a family member. So we want to make sure that it lives up to the values of what is family.

Colucci’s Prosecco represents everything that the discerning wine lover would look for in a great wine. From the crest of the bottle to the purity of the colour to the soft, fruity taste of the wine, Colucci’s will take you to another world. A world of values, tradition, history and tantalising flavours.

Put yourself in the land of beauty and romance with every glass of Colucci’s Prosecco and raise a toast to “the sweet life” La Dolce Vita!

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