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  • Aglianico Beneventano I.G.T


    750ml Bottles

    From the volcanic hills around Benevento, emerges a most intense and vibrant red wine.  Considered one of the 3 greatest Italian grape varieties, Aglianico is regarded as the Barolo of the south.  It is a refined and complex wine with aromas of red currants, black cherry and blackberry, with a hint of black pepper.  High acidity with a medium to full body but with very gentle tannins.

    Recommended combination with food: braised or grilled beef, savory strong cheeses, grilled lamb, roasted game birds, Italian sausage pizza.

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Aglianico
    PRODUCTION AREA – Benevento Italy
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%





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    Alvarinho Deu La Deu – Vinho Verde

     750ml Bottles 

    Vinho Verde is not a grape variety, it is a DOC, the largest in Portugal for the production of wine. Monção e Melgaço’s is a sub-region of Vingo Verde region. The name means “green wine,” but translates as “young wine”, with wine being released three to six months after the grapes are harvested.

     On the nose:  Predominantly fruity, with peach, apricot, notes of tropical fruits and floral nuances

     On the palate:  High acidity. Fine, minerality, subtly fragrant. Harmonious, elegant and intense, long finish. Dryness 1g/l

     Recommended combination with food:  A perfect match for:

    • Percebes (goose barnacles)
    • Paella with lobster and chorizo
    • Green-lipped mussels grilled with parsley butter

    Serve at 16 – 18°C

     GRAPE VARIETY – 100% Alvarinho
     PRODUCTION AREA  – Monção e Melgaço – Vinho Verde
     ALCOHOL  – 13.0%

  • Domini Veneti Amarone


     750ml Bottles 

    This Amarone is made from grapes grown in the Valpolicella Classico area, which undergo the typical production method of “appassimento in fruttaio” (withering in fruit) before ageing in large
    oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months, followed by a further 6-8 months in the bottle.

     On the nose:   A bouquet that is strong and persistent, ethereal and fruity with hints of black cherries and dry prunes. Aromas of forest fruits (currant, blackberry and blueberry) accompanied by hints of star anise, cocoa and tobacco

     On the palate:  High acidity, full body, red cherry, herbaceous, chocolatey. The time in the bottle favours aromas reminiscent of violet, sometimes lilac and sage.

     Recommended combination with food:  A great partner for:

    • Porcini mushroom soup
    • BBQ pork
    • Fried chicken livers

    Serve at 16 – 18°C

     GRAPE VARIETY – Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
     PRODUCTION AREA  – Veneto
     ALCOHOL  – 15.5%

  • Barolo Araldica Fiori

    Araldica Barolo ‘Flori’


    750ml Bottles

    Made from Nebbiolo grapes cultivated around the town of Barolo in southern Piemonte.  The grapes are hand-harvested, de-stemmed and then crushed to small fermenters, for about 12 days, with daily pumping-over. This ensures good colour and flavour extraction, but avoids over-extraction which can make the abundant Nebbiolo tannins to astringent. After pressing the wine is allowed to settle for two days, and then racked to stainless steel tanks for malolactic fermentation. After three years maturation in 50hectolitre Slavonian oak casks it is racked and bottled.

    On the nose: A complex nose combining plum, mulberry, ripe strawberry and brown spice with delicate floral and violet notes

    On the palate: Tannins are firm and perfectly supported with plump dark fruit and a rounded texture, giving a good lengthy finish.

    Recommended combination with food: Perfect with wild boar sausages, venison, roast lamb or gamey stews

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2015
    GRAPE VARIETY – Nebbiolo
    PRODUCTION AREA – Piemonte
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

    ALCOHOL – 14.0%

  • Baglio Gibellina Passimiento

    Baglio Gibellina Passimiento


    750ml Bottles

    The selected vines, located between 300 and 600 meters above sea level, are grown on clayey soils with limited yields of grapes per hectare. The Frappato grapes are harvested at the first ripening, so that all the typical freshness remains in the must which is left to ferment very slowly in small steel tanks. The Nero d’Avola grapes, on the other hand, are left on the vine for a slight withering and natural dehydration. They are then collected later and, with extreme care, placed in wooden boxes. After a light pressing, the must ferments at a controlled temperature.

    On the nose, characteristic intense red fruit aromas.  On the palate it is warm and full-bodied with harmonious acidity, smooth and elegant tannins.

    Recommended combination with food:

    • Tomato based pasta dishes and cheeses not too seasoned

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY –          Nero d’Avola – Frappato
    PRODUCTION AREA –   Sicily, Italy
    ALCOHOL –                       13.5%

  • Barolo Figli Oddero DOCG

     750ml Bottles 

    This Barolo is still made in the traditional manner using grapes from only the best of Luigi Oddero’s vineyards in La Morra, Serralunga d’Alba, Castiglione Falletto and Manforte. Hand-harvested and selected, the grapes are crushed and then fermented for 12-15 days with frequent daily pump-over. Finally the wine matures firstly in stainless steel vessels, then subsequently in French or Slavonian oak barrels for 24 months, moving onto a further 12 months in the bottle. The result is a bright garnet red colour with light orange tinges

     On the nose:  An unmistakable, deep and very pleasant, lingering bouquet.

     On the palate:  You will get notes of sweet spices, forest fruits, mountain hay and liquorice, and the flavour is dry, soft and velvety. A Barolo with excellent structure and aromatic length

     Recommended combination with food:  Serve with meat dishes, or with fresh and mature cheeses.

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2011
    GRAPE VARIETY – Nebbiolo
    PRODUCTION AREA – Piemonte, Italy
    ALCOHOL – 14.5%

  • Brachetto D’Acqui D.O.C.G. Spumante


    750ml Bottles

    This delicately sweet and aromatic sparkling dessert wine is produced from Brachetto grapes grown in the hills  around Acqui Terme to the northwest of Genoa.  As a result of the ideal exposure and altitude these grapes are exposed to, the microclimate in this area helps product a wine that favours the development of aromas of typical intense bouquet but with delicate notes of musk, rose and violet. The resulting sparkling wine is sweet, well-balanced with moderate alcohol.

    Recommended combination with food: desserts, pie crust with strawberries and fruit, cream with fruits

    Serve at 10-12°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Brachetto
    PRODUCTION AREA – Acqui Terme, Italy
    ALCOHOL – 7%






  • Calasole Vermentino

    Calasole Vermentino di Toscana


    750ml Bottles

    Vermentino is a white-wine grape grown in various locations around the western Mediterranean: northwestern Italy, southern France and the neighboring islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Vermentino wines, are famous for their refreshing acidity and attractive aromas of peach, lemon peel, dried herbs and a whiff of saline minerality.

    On the nose: Its bouquet is surprisingly intense white flowers, fresh notes of rennet apple, peach, apricots and aromatic herbs with hint of wet stone minerality. 

    On the palate: Fresh citrus characteristics, with mineral and almond notes, complimented by white peach, apple and a hint of yeastiness.  A fresh balance of acidity without being overly strong.

    Recommended combination with food: It pairs best with fried marinated sardines, thin-sliced squid with lime, deep-fried shellfish turnovers. Spaghetti vongole

    Serve at 8 – 10°C

    VINTAGE: 2019
    GRAPE VARIETY – Vermentino
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%

  • Casal Thaulero “Miravigna” Rosé


    750ml Bottles

    Montepulciano is the most widely planted grape in Abruzzo. The wine is made with rigorously selected grapes from the Terri di Chieti hills in south of Pescara on the east coast, at an altitude of about 200 metres above sea level. The south-east exposure of the vines, the limestone and clay soils and per-hectare yields kept under 120 quintals allow the production of a red wine with a great sensory complexity. The grapes are picked by hand and collected in small wooden crates in the first ten days of October. Once in the cellars, the long maceration in steel tanks at controlled temperature for approximately 45 days.

    The wines then mature for six months in concrete vats, for a further eight months in French and Slavonian oak barrels and finally for four months in the bottle.

    On the nose: Luxurious perfume of wild berries, ripe black cherries, blackberries and plum with pleasant notes of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and tobacco

    On the palate: Remarkable structure, and soft thanks to the presence of sweet tannins, with a long, warm finish. High acidity and a full, rounded body. High acidity, high tannins with full body, with hints of vanilla, cocoa, black pepper and a finish of old leather and wood

    Recommended combination with food: Perfect with BBQ meats, game meats, lamb ribs in pistachio crust

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2017
    GRAPE VARIETY – Montepulciano
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

  • Baccio Chianti

    Chianti Riserva Baccio DOCG


    750ml Bottles

    The vineyards are on the hillsides in the heart of the Chianti region, at an altitude not exceeding 700 metres and soils are arenaceous, marly limy substrata, clayey schists and sand. The wine spends 112 – 15 days in contact with the skins, before going through a 24 month maturation of which 6 are in oak and a minimum of  3 in the bottle before being released to market.

    On the palate, fruity, floral taste with hints of morello cherry and violet and a slight hint of vanilla, dry, and well-balanced.  The colour is bright red verging on garnet.

    Recommended combination with food:

    • Roast and grilled red meats
    • Flavourful dishes

    Serve at 18° – 20°C

    GRAPE VARIETY –          Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colrino
    PRODUCTION AREA –   Tuscany, Italy
    ALCOHOL –                       13.0%

  • Coldelfosso Dolcetto D’Alba D.O.P.


    750ml Bottles

    Dolcetto is an ancient vine that boasts great tradition to Piemonte, and this wine expresses every ounce of the region’s unique and typical characteristics. Brilliant deep red in colour.

     On the Nose:  A composed, fruity bouquet with hints of blueberry and raspberry.

     On the Palate:  A harmonious, full-bodied wine, and finishes with a pleasant bitter note beautifully displayed in this 2015vintage.

     Recommended combination with food:  Dolcetto will pair well with many foods, and its light tannins make it especially congenial with salumi, sausages, pasta with mushrooms,  meat sauces and pizzas. You can also try it with burgers, ribs and roast chicken

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2015
    GRAPE VARIETY – Dolcetto
    PRODUCTION AREA – Piemonte
    ALCOHOL – 13.0%





  • Cuprese Verdicchio

    Colonnara Cuprese Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi


    750ml Bottles

    Verdicchio is a white wine grape variety that has been cultivated for hundreds of years in the Marche region of central Italy. It is a versatile variety, used both for light, easy-drinking table wines, and for more complex, ageworthy examples. It is commonly lauded by critics as being one of Italy’s best white wine grape varieties. The grapes are harvested by hand, vinification takes place in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, bottled during the spring subsequent to the harvest. Refinement and aged in bottles for several years for certain vintages. Brilliant straw-yellow colour with hints of green when young, tending towards golden with age.

    On the nose: Initially, intensely fruity, lemon, green apple with a floral background, finally complex with notes of flint stone

    On the palate: Good structure and balance with initial notes of freshness, lemon and grapefruit and final notes of pleasantly bitter sapidity (pleasant flavour from mineral salts), almond to finish

    Recommended combination with food: Seafood starters with a sauce; boiled fish or shellfish or fish cooked in a sauce, or roasted; pasta or rice with a white fish sauce or shellfish sauce; raw pork, salted meat of any kind; mixed fried meat and vegetables; medium matured cheeses.

    Serve at 8 – 10°C

    VINTAGE: 2017
    GRAPE VARIETY – Verdicchio
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%