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  • Alasia Gavi

    £101.65 inc. Vat

    Appealing aromas of citrus fruit and white flower with a touch of white spice. The palate has more citrus characters with hints of orchard and stone fruits. Crisp, refreshing acidity balances underlying minerality. A good partner for summer salads, fish dishes and white meats.

    13.0% ABV, Serve at 8-12C

    6 x 750ml bottles

  • Antiche Terre Valpolicella Venete

    £103.50 inc. Vat

    This wine is full of lovely dark fruit aromas, black cherry, dark plum and raspberry.  With a hint of pepper, it’s well balanced acidity and softer tannins make it perfect for pasta dishes, especially with tomato based sauces, roasted meats, and vegetable dishes.

    12.5% ABV, Serve at 16-18C

    6 x 750ml bottles

  • Barolo Veglio Angelo

    £167.50 inc. Vat

    This wine is full of lovely dark fruit aromas, black cherry, dark plum and raspberry.  With a hint of spice, it’s well balanced acidity and tannins from the oak ageing make it perfect for pasta dishes, especially with meat based sauces, roasted meats, and vegetable dishes.

    14.5% ABV, Serve at 16-18C

    6 x 750ml bottles

  • Campania October 2020

    £59.00£90.00 inc. Vat and delivery*
  • Aglianico Beneventano I.G.T


    750ml Bottles

    From the volcanic hills around Benevento, emerges a most intense and vibrant red wine.  Considered one of the 3 greatest Italian grape varieties, Aglianico is regarded as the Barolo of the south.  It is a refined and complex wine with aromas of red currants, black cherry and blackberry, with a hint of black pepper.  High acidity with a medium to full body but with very gentle tannins.

    Recommended combination with food: braised or grilled beef, savory strong cheeses, grilled lamb, roasted game birds, Italian sausage pizza.

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Aglianico
    PRODUCTION AREA – Benevento Italy
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%





  • Brachetto D’Acqui D.O.C.G. Spumante


    750ml Bottles

    This delicately sweet and aromatic sparkling dessert wine is produced from Brachetto grapes grown in the hills  around Acqui Terme to the northwest of Genoa.  As a result of the ideal exposure and altitude these grapes are exposed to, the microclimate in this area helps product a wine that favours the development of aromas of typical intense bouquet but with delicate notes of musk, rose and violet. The resulting sparkling wine is sweet, well-balanced with moderate alcohol.

    Recommended combination with food: desserts, pie crust with strawberries and fruit, cream with fruits

    Serve at 10-12°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Brachetto
    PRODUCTION AREA – Acqui Terme, Italy
    ALCOHOL – 7%






  • Calasole Vermentino

    Calasole Vermentino di Toscana


    750ml Bottles

    Vermentino is a white-wine grape grown in various locations around the western Mediterranean: northwestern Italy, southern France and the neighboring islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Vermentino wines, are famous for their refreshing acidity and attractive aromas of peach, lemon peel, dried herbs and a whiff of saline minerality.

    On the nose: Its bouquet is surprisingly intense white flowers, fresh notes of rennet apple, peach, apricots and aromatic herbs with hint of wet stone minerality. 

    On the palate: Fresh citrus characteristics, with mineral and almond notes, complimented by white peach, apple and a hint of yeastiness.  A fresh balance of acidity without being overly strong.

    Recommended combination with food: It pairs best with fried marinated sardines, thin-sliced squid with lime, deep-fried shellfish turnovers. Spaghetti vongole

    Serve at 8 – 10°C

    VINTAGE: 2019
    GRAPE VARIETY – Vermentino
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%

  • Colucci’s Grey Label Prosecco Extra Dry D.O.C. Gold


    750ml Bottles

    Sparkling wine made from the exclusive selection of Glera Grapes. Pale straw-yellow colour, fine perlage, delicate fruity, floral bouquet, well structured and slightly sweet. Recommended combination with food: Excellent drunk on its own, as an aperitif wine.

    Serve at 6-8°C

    PRODUCTION AREA – Prosecco Region, Treviso Italy
    ALCOHOL – 11%