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  • Le Grade Fiano Di Avellino D.O.C.G.


    750ml Bottles

    Falanghina, a grape reportedly of Greek origins, and known as one of the favourite wines of the Roman nobility, has since the turn of the century become increasingly fashionable.  Thriving in a porous volcanic soil, the grapes develop gorgeous citrus-blossom aromas with classic apple and pear flavours. The flavours are quite intense with a persistent rich nose and hints of lime, grapefruit and kiwi.

    Recommended combination with food: seafood, especially scallops, prawns, spaghetti vongole (with clams), Caesar salads

    Serve at 8-10°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Falanghina
    PRODUCTION AREA – Benevento Italy
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%






  • Lodola Nuova

    Lodola Nuova Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano D.O.C.G. 75cl (2016) RUFFINO


    750ml Bottles

    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Lodola Nuova” attracts appreciative glances thanks to its impenetrable pitch black hue, an enchanting deep colour. An elegant and traditional red wine from one of Tuscany’s oldest winemaking regions, perfectly exemplifying Ruffino’s estate wines: unique and artisanal. The word “lodola” comes from the Italian word for lark, songbirds that migrated to the Montepulciano region, and the word “nobile” refers to the noble, or supreme, quality of this wine. The Lodola Nuova estate dates back to the mid-1200s with wines being produced since the 15th century.

     On the nose:  wild berries, ripe clack cherries, blackberries and plum with pleasant notes of cocoa, coffee and tobacco

     On the palate: a medium-bodied wine with a refreshing acidity and smooth, ripe tannins that create an elegant and well-balanced structure. Fruity notes persist across the palate and evolve into a lingering finish of plum and tobacco.

    Recommended combination with food: Perfect with BBQ meats, game meats, lamb ribs in pistachio crust

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2016
    GRAPE VARIETY – Canaiolo, Sangiovese
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

  • Malvasia Bianca

    Malvasia Bianca Sammarco


    750ml Bottles

    Although “Malvasia” is the name of the family of various Malvasia grapes, when used on its own it usually refers to Malvasia Bianca, one of the varietals that stands apart from the rest. The scarcity of rainfall and the soils of calcareous and clayey composition give wines with remarkable body and alcohol content, with intense and surprising bouquets. The dazzling light of long summers, the scents of the sea and the essences of spontaneous flora, carried by the breezes that blow from the coast towards the interior contribute to the formation of their peculiar olfactory character

    On the nose: Complex characterised by the fusion of aromatic notes of citrus, pineapple, banana and vanilla. Subtle memories of white-fleshed fruit and aromatic herbs

    On the palate: Sweet notes of hazelnut. The taste is clear freshness. Light flavour with hints of fruit and fresh hazelnut and butter combine with a remarkable freshness in the mouth. Soft and pleasant, it closes the tasting with a balanced alcoholic note.

    Recommended combination with food: Sea bass carpaccio, sashimi, scallops on saffron cream. Traditionally: stewed Taranto mussels, pasta and dried tomatoes.

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2018
    GRAPE VARIETY – Malvasia Bianca
    ALCOHOL – 13.0%

  • Aszu Tokaji


     500ml Bottles 

    The aszú berries used to make this gorgeous Tokaji are harvested from the end of October through to the end of November.  The must is then fermented and aged in 220L Szerednyei oak barrels from the Zemplén hills, for 3 years, before bottling and released to market.  This vintage was a hard year in Tokaj, but through the expert winemaking techniques and careful grape selection they achieved this outstanding sweet wine.

     On the nose:  An intense bouqet of dried apricots, honey and meadow flowers.

     On the palate:  The delicate aromas are fully integrated with the notes of the oxidative ageing method in the form of sweet caramel notes

    Recommended combination with food: Perfect partner to lemon cake, dark chocolate citrus or orange desserts, dark chocolate caramel cake but it is also a noble companion to savoury biscuits, quiche Lorraine and roast meats with fruits and Peking duck.

    Serve at 11 – 14°C

    VINTAGE: 2014
    GRAPE VARIETY – 70% Furmint, 30% Zéta
    PRODUCTION AREA – Tokaji, Hungary
    ALCOHOL – 10%

  • Mora & Memo Vermentino

    Mora & Memo Vermentino di Sardegna


    750ml Bottles

    The vineyard is South, South-East at an altitude  of 220 metres above sea level. The soil is clayey limestone.

    Straw colour with green tints. Intense and persistent with scents of flowers and plants, rosemary, thyme and sage.

    Flavour is predominant of vegetal notes, warm and full of good thickness and balanced with a long persistence

    Recommended combination with food:

    • Seafood dishes in general
    • Fish with delicate meat also seasoned with light sauces
    • Dry soups and in broth with not excessively tasty seasonings

    Serve at 8° – 10°C

    GRAPE VARIETY –          Vermentino di Sardegna
    PRODUCTION AREA –   Sardegna, Italy
    ALCOHOL –                       13.5%

  • Neromora Aglianico

    Neromora Irpinia Aglianico D.O.C.


    750ml Bottles

    The Aglianico grapes used to produce Neromora grow in the hilly volcanic region near Taurasi, which are harvested in November when they are completely ripe, followed by maturation for 8 months in French oak barrels. This is a wine that sits perfectly between your everyday reds and your mid to top-end Taurasi, to keep your dining and drinking interesting.  Its colour is dark red, turning to black, and its bouquet has dominant and intense black forest fruit sensations. On the palate it is gentle with pleasant tannins, with aromas reminiscent of currants, caramel and vanilla.

    Recommended combination with food:

    • Rabbit
    • Chicken with paprika sauce
    • Barbecued lamb

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Aglianico
    PRODUCTION AREA – Campania, Italy
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

  • Nuovo Quadro Gavi del Comune di Gavi 2019


    750ml Bottles

    This wine comes from Nuovo Quadro, a single vineyard site with chalky mineral soils, at the foot of the Battistina hill. Winemaking takes place at Araldica’s La Battistina winery who took over this vineyard in 2002.  It has transformed it into one of the preeminent Gavi producers of the region. The Cortese grapes are typically hand-harvested in mid-September, and the freshly picked grapes are gently crushed before undergoing temperature controlled fermentation in small volume stainless steel tanks. The wine remains in contact with the lees for up to 6 months before being fined, filtered and bottled, giving the wine a rich full flavour, with an enticing nose of white peach and pear with hints of fresh lime and gooseberry. The refreshing and zesty citrus notes and ripe peachy characters are balanced by crisp acidity and pronounced minerality.

    Serve chilled as an aperitif or with seafood and fish dishes.

    Serve at 10-12°C

    VINTAGE: 2019
    GRAPE VARIETY – Cortese
    PRODUCTION AREA – Lombardia
    ALCOHOL – 12%

  • Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

    Orsetto Oro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo


    750ml Bottles

    Montepulciano is the most widely planted grape in Abruzzo. The wine is made with rigorously selected grapes from the Terri di Chieti hills in south of Pescara on the east coast, at an altitude of about 200 metres above sea level. The south-east exposure of the vines, the limestone and clay soils and per-hectare yields kept under 120 quintals allow the production of a red wine with a great sensory complexity. The grapes are picked by hand and collected in small wooden crates in the first ten days of October. Once in the cellars, the long maceration in steel tanks at controlled temperature for approximately 45 days.

    The wines then mature for six months in concrete vats, for a further eight months in French and Slavonian oak barrels and finally for four months in the bottle.

    On the nose: Luxurious perfume of wild berries, ripe black cherries, blackberries and plum with pleasant notes of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and tobacco

    On the palate: Remarkable structure, and soft thanks to the presence of sweet tannins, with a long, warm finish. High acidity and a full, rounded body. High acidity, high tannins with full body, with hints of vanilla, cocoa, black pepper and a finish of old leather and wood

    Recommended combination with food: Perfect with BBQ meats, game meats, lamb ribs in pistachio crust

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2017
    GRAPE VARIETY – Montepulciano
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

  • Sale! Orsetto Oro Passerina

    Orsetto Oro Passerina


    750ml Bottles

    Passerina is an ancient and traditional grape variety use in the making of white wines in the March region.  There are also plantings in Emilia-Romagna and Lazio.  The variety differs significantly from region to region in its wines but all with the familiar citrus fruit character.

    The word “Passerina” comes from “passero” the Italian for sparrow.  They have a voracious appetite for ripe passerina grapes. In Italian, adding ‘ina’ at the end of a word implies a diminutive, and so indicates the relatively small size of the Passerina grape.

    The berries skin is quite thick and ripens to a deep golden colour. They ripen with high levels of sugar and high acidity. Hand harvested in early/mid September, they undergo cold temperature controlled maceration. The must is then aged in stainless for several months, before bottling.

    On the nose: Its bouquet is intensely floral with notes of acacia and citrus lemon zest and grapefruit

    On the palate: Fresh citrus characteristics, ripe stone fruits, zesty acidity with a clean mineral aftertaste..

    Recommended combination with food: It pairs best with roasted fish with lemon and anchovy, Linguine alla vongole (pasta with clams), Butterflied chicken with lentils

    Serve at 10 – 12°C

    VINTAGE: 2019
    GRAPE VARIETY – Passerina
    ALCOHOL – 13%

  • Orsetto Oro Pecorino Terre di Chieti


    750ml Bottles

    This lovely Pecorino wine has been awarded many awards around the wine world most recently the 2020 IWSC. Pecorino means “little sheep” and it’s believed it was fed to sheep when they came to graze.  The Pecorino grape was believed extinct by the mid-20th century, until some cuttings were taken and propagated from an abandoned overgrown vineyard. The grape is light-skinned offering high acidity and high sugar, translating into reasonably high alcohol, balanced by the acidity.

    Hand picked in late September, soft pressed, fermented in stainless tanks at 18-22C. Aged for 6 months on the leas before bottling.

    On the nose: Its bouquet is round with floral hints of acacia and broom, exotic fruit notes with balsamic nuances

    On the palate: Fresh citrus characteristics, with a good minerality, white peach, pear and a hint of pineapple

    Recommended combination with food: It pairs best with Pecorino cheese and walnut bread, Steamed white fish with ginger, Chicken thighs with roasted red pepper and onion, fresh cheeses.

    Serve at 10-12°C

    VINTAGE: 2019
    GRAPE VARIETY – Pecorino
    ALCOHOL – 13%

  • Sale! Corvee Lagrein


     750ml Bottles 

    The Passocroce vineyard is a place of choice for the cultivation of Lagrein as it enjoys a happy south-eastern exposure. The soil is slightly sandy, with good clay, originating from lateral Moorish deposits following the disintegration of the local porphids, favouring a natural advance of ripening of the grapes.

     On the nose:  Scents of forest fruit accompanied by hints of star anise, cocoa and tobacco. Allowing for further ageing, the wine will enhance with aromas reminiscent of violet, some lilac and even sage.

     On the palate:  Full body with lush flavours of forest fruits, tobacco and cocoa.

     Recommended combination with food:  A great partner for:

    • Pork chops with fennel and roast potatoes
    • Venison stew with dumplings
    • Strong, hard cheese like Grana Padano

    Serve at 18°C

     GRAPE VARIETY – Lagrein
     PRODUCTION AREA  – Trentino-Alto Adige
     ALCOHOL  – 13%

  • Pelissero Barbera D'Alba


     750ml Bottles 

    The location of this vineyard, the Piani hill, has always been well-known for high quality Barbera production, and the elegance of many Barbera (a grape traditionally rich in colour and acidity but poor in tannins) from the Langhe region has a good structure which gives to this wine a particular identity.

     On the nose:  The very fine olfactory sensations grow slowly, providing first fruity nuances of blackberry and cooked plum and subsequently vinous, of fermentation, typical of Barbera, with the right aromatic contribution of wood

     On the palate:  Acidic impressions characterise this wine which does not hide its tannic endowment. The good structural breadth makes it particularly interesting and has a persistent length.

     Recommended combination with food:  A perfect match for:

    • Seared rabbit livers
    • Thai duck noodle soup
    • Roasted, herb-crusted lamb rack

    Serve at 16 – 18°C

     GRAPE VARIETY – Barbera
     PRODUCTION AREA  – Piemonte
     ALCOHOL  – 14.0%