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  • Coldelfosso Dolcetto D’Alba D.O.P.


    750ml Bottles

    Dolcetto is an ancient vine that boasts great tradition to Piemonte, and this wine expresses every ounce of the region’s unique and typical characteristics. Brilliant deep red in colour.

     On the Nose:  A composed, fruity bouquet with hints of blueberry and raspberry.

     On the Palate:  A harmonious, full-bodied wine, and finishes with a pleasant bitter note beautifully displayed in this 2015vintage.

     Recommended combination with food:  Dolcetto will pair well with many foods, and its light tannins make it especially congenial with salumi, sausages, pasta with mushrooms,  meat sauces and pizzas. You can also try it with burgers, ribs and roast chicken

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2015
    GRAPE VARIETY – Dolcetto
    PRODUCTION AREA – Piemonte
    ALCOHOL – 13.0%





  • Cuprese Verdicchio

    Colonnara Cuprese Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi


    750ml Bottles

    Verdicchio is a white wine grape variety that has been cultivated for hundreds of years in the Marche region of central Italy. It is a versatile variety, used both for light, easy-drinking table wines, and for more complex, ageworthy examples. It is commonly lauded by critics as being one of Italy’s best white wine grape varieties. The grapes are harvested by hand, vinification takes place in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, bottled during the spring subsequent to the harvest. Refinement and aged in bottles for several years for certain vintages. Brilliant straw-yellow colour with hints of green when young, tending towards golden with age.

    On the nose: Initially, intensely fruity, lemon, green apple with a floral background, finally complex with notes of flint stone

    On the palate: Good structure and balance with initial notes of freshness, lemon and grapefruit and final notes of pleasantly bitter sapidity (pleasant flavour from mineral salts), almond to finish

    Recommended combination with food: Seafood starters with a sauce; boiled fish or shellfish or fish cooked in a sauce, or roasted; pasta or rice with a white fish sauce or shellfish sauce; raw pork, salted meat of any kind; mixed fried meat and vegetables; medium matured cheeses.

    Serve at 8 – 10°C

    VINTAGE: 2017
    GRAPE VARIETY – Verdicchio
    ALCOHOL – 13.5%

  • Conviviale Primitivo

    Conviviale Primitivo, IGT Salento


    750ml Bottles

    A classic Primitivo wine high in both alcohol and tannins, intensely flavored and deeply colored. Rich and characterful with generous aromas and concentration of ripe plum, black cherry with notes of dried fruit and sweet spices.

    Recommended combination with food:

    • Puglian spit-roasted lamb
    • Beetroot curry (thel-dala)
    • Wine-stewed lentils with smoked bacon

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY –          Aglianico
    PRODUCTION AREA –  Campania, Italy
    ALCOHOL –                       13.5%
    VEGETARIAN –                Yes
    VEGAN –                             Yes

  • Diade Negroamaro

    Diade Negroamaro I.G.P.


    750ml Bottles

    The “Diade” line by Le Vigne Di Sammarco is the essence in purity of grape varieties synonymous with Puglia. After destemming and crushing, maceration for 7 days. This wine rests on the lees for 14 days after crushing and de-stemming, aged further for 6 months in Allier barriques.

    On the nose: Complex range of fragrances from floral geranium to balsamic eucalyptus and ending in a typical spicy clove

    On the palate: It has a surprising softness, balanced by a tannin finale and never-ending floral and spicy notes.

    Recommended combination with food: Stewed rabbit, pan-fried duck breast.  Traditionally: lentils and sausage, zucchini parmigiana, liver-stuffed torcinelli (lamb sausages)

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2018
    GRAPE VARIETY – Negroamaro
    ALCOHOL – 14.5%

  • Domaine de la Serre Picpoul de Pinet

     750ml Bottles 

    Soave wine is known for its melon-and-orange-zest flavors as well as its ability to improve with age.

     On the nose:  Floral and tropical fruit notes on the nose.

     On the palate:  Crisp, dry with plenty of stone fruit, melon, and zesty notes. The soft citrus fruit is tempered with an intense minerality giving a long, refreshing finish.

     Recommended combination with food:  A great choice for pairing with fried appetizers as well as seafood from raw oysters and sushi to Mediterranean-themed fish dishes and fried calamari.

    Serve at 8-10°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Picpuol de Pinet
    PRODUCTION AREA – Langeudoc, France
    ALCOHOL – 13.0%

  • Bardolino Chiaretto

    Domini Veneti – Bardolino Chiaretto DOC


    750ml Bottles

    The Bardolino Chiaretto is a modern interpretation of the winemaking tradition in the viticultural area of Bardolino.  The brilliant rose colour comes from a closely controlled 12 hour skin contact during fermentation. The bouquet is fresh with fragrances of tea roses, violets and small red berries.

    Recommended combination with food: grilled fish, white meats, fresh cured meats, soft cheeses

    Serve at 10 -12°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
    PRODUCTION AREA – Negrar, Verono Italy
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%




  • Soave Classico

    Domini Veneti – Soave DOC Classico


    750ml Bottles

    The famous name of Soave is believed to have come from a race of Suave, who attempted to conquer this part of Italy in Medieval times.  The wine however is a classic example of the the famous name.  Dry and full of white fruit aromas starting from white peach to apricots and citrus.  You will indulge in the finish with the typical bitter almond notes.

    Recommended combination with food: appetisers, pasta, grilled vegetables, fish

    Serve at 8 – 10°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Garganega, Trebbiano, Chardonnay
    PRODUCTION AREA – Negrar, Verona Italy
    ALCOHOL – 12.5%




  • Domini Veneti Valpolicella

    Domini Veneti – Valpolicella DOC Classico


    750ml Bottles

    A style of wine focused on the profile of typical and traditional Valpolicella. A well balanced structure with a blend of aromatic and flavour sensations.  Medium intensity with cherry and black plum flavours, combined with light floral and typical black pepper notes

    Recommended combination with food: porcini mushroom dishes, fried chicken liver, pasta, aged cheeses, beef tacos

    Serve at 18°C

    GRAPE VARIETY – Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
    PRODUCTION AREA – Negrar, Verona Italy
    ALCOHOL – 13%




  • Donnata Nero D'Avola

    Donnatà Nero D’Avola D.O.C.


    750ml Bottles

    The young and thriving Nero d’Avola vineyards, established in 2000, lie at 380m above sea level, on a land rich in clay, limestone and potassium. Indisputably the most important Sicilian
    red grape, Donnatà has a striking and complex personality, which generously expresses its origins by being particularly well-balanced and pleasurable to drink. This wine is aromatic and distinct, with fragrant and wholesome notes of blackberry, cherry, Mediterranean shrubs, nutmeg and chocolate.

    Recommended combination with food: Ideal with Palermo-style baked anelletti or with a succulent steak of tuna

    Serve at 18°C

    VINTAGE: 2015
    GRAPE VARIETY – Nero D’Avola
    ALCOHOL – 14%

  • Black gift box

    Engraved Personalised Black Presentation Box


    Black with a luxurious gold engraving gives this gift box a rich feel. Sliding lid and rope handle for a rustic but classy look.  Comes standard with either one or two 750ml bottles of either smooth red Merlot or classic white Pinot Grigio or you can mix and match.

    The cover is customised to your specification with the message and design of your choice. This gift will become a keepsake in any family.  Add their favourite wine and help make their celebrations one to truly remember.

    Available in black wood with gold effect lettering.   No minimum order.

    Includes personalisation, engraving and specified wines (can be substituted for other wines at additional cost.  Please call us for details)

  • Engraved Personalised Double The Pleasure Wine Presentation Box


    You will be remembered with this treasured personalised engraved gift box.  Complete with your choice of two 750ml bottles of Colucci’s premium prosecco or two bottles of either red, white or mixed wines.

    The cover is customised to your specification with the message and design of your choice. Beautifully crafted with chrome latch and double chrome hinges, this gift will become a keepsake in any family.

    Choose from either soft wood, oak or the rich elm wood.  No minimum order

    Includes personalisation, engraving and Colucci’s prosecco (can be substituted for other wines.  Please call us for details)

  • Single gift box

    Engraved Personalised Single Wine Presentation Box


    Giving a personalised gift is so much more meaningful.  With our fully customisable single, you will be giving a gift like no other.

    The cover is customised to your specification with the message and design of your choice. Beautifully crafted with chrome latch and double chrome hinges, this gift will become a keepsake in any family.

    Choose from either soft wood, oak or rich elmwood with silk lining.  No minimum order.

    Includes personalisation, engraving and Colucci’s prosecco (can be substituted for other wines.  Please call us for details)