Lodola Nuova

Lodola Nuova Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano D.O.C.G. 75cl (2016) RUFFINO


750ml Bottles

Montepulciano “Lodola Nuova” attracts appreciative glances thanks to its impenetrable pitch black hue, an enchanting deep colour. An elegant and traditional red wine from one of Tuscany’s oldest winemaking regions, perfectly exemplifying Ruffino’s estate wines: unique and artisanal. The word “lodola” comes from the Italian word for lark, songbirds that migrated to the Montepulciano region, and the word “nobile” refers to the noble, or supreme, quality of this wine. The Lodola Nuova estate dates back to the mid-1200s with wines being produced since the 15th century.

 On the nose:  wild berries, ripe clack cherries, blackberries and plum with pleasant notes of cocoa, coffee and tobacco

 On the palate: a medium-bodied wine with a refreshing acidity and smooth, ripe tannins that create an elegant and well-balanced structure. Fruity notes persist across the palate and evolve into a lingering finish of plum and tobacco.

Recommended combination with food: Perfect with BBQ meats, game meats, lamb ribs in pistachio crust

Serve at 18°C

GRAPE VARIETY – Canaiolo, Sangiovese
ALCOHOL – 13.5%