Zibibbo Normanno



750ml Bottles

The word “Zibibbo” is derived from the Arabic word ‘zabib’ meaning raisins. The wine was originally from Egypt and was introduced by the Phoenicians when they landed in Pantelleria, a tiny island situated between mainland Sicily and the northern tip of Africa. Over time, vines of Zibibbo were planted in mainland Sicily, namely in the famous area of Marsala for its very similar terrain and geometry. The grapes have similar aromatics to that of Moscato but are left on the vine until slightly shriveled (a sign of partial fermentation) and then are left to dry in the sun. The result is an elegant and harmonious dessert wine that is the ideal accompaniment for typical Sicilian cakes, especially those with a ricotta cream base.

Recommended combination with food:

  • Sicilian cakes
  • Cream based desserts
  • Ice cream and fruit desserts

Serve at 8° – 10°C

GRAPE VARIETY –          Moscato d’Alexadria
PRODUCTION AREA –   Sicily, Italy
ALCOHOL –                       16.0%