Ribera Del Duero Viyuela Crianza


750ml Bottles

This classic Tempranillo comes from the Boada de Roa, in the heart of Ribera del Duero. The region’s extreme temperatures with very long winters and blazing hot summers, plus long periods of drought — do wonders for the ubiquitous Tempranillo. This winery is well-known for their wines with a strong taste. The exceptional character of this Tempranillo Crianza (a wine aged for at least two years) has earned all its blue ribbons and many awards of distinction.

Nose: Blackberries loaded with spices and an undercurrent of flowers

Palate: Intense red fruits with a full mouth feel.  Bold and bountiful

Recommended combination with food:

  • Barbequed red meats
  • Grilled lamb chops
  • Wine-stewed lentils with smoked bacon

Serve at 16-18°C

GRAPE VARIETY –          Tempranillo
PRODUCTION AREA –  Ribero del Duero, Spain
ALCOHOL –                      14%
VEGETARIAN –                Yes
VEGAN –                             Yes