Viach Muller Thurgau



 750ml Bottles 

Corvée was a French term used in the Middle-Ages to describe the activities and work of the Vassals, who would work on the land of superiors for free in return of shelter and protection. This is how 400 Km of terraced cultivations originated in Val di Cembria.

 On the nose:  The aroma is decisively floral and reminiscent of white flowers as well as fresh apple and pear.

 On the palate:  Apples and pears, with a striking tartness and well rounded acidity. Great body and hints of tropical fruits

 Recommended combination with food:  A great partner for:

  • Montasio cheese tart (“frico friulano”)
  • Thin-sliced octopus drizzled with sudachi
  • Prawns steamed in banana leaves

Serve at 8-10°C

GRAPE VARIETY – Müller Thurgau
PRODUCTION AREA – Trentino-Alto Adige
ALCOHOL – 12.5%